Friday Happy!

So last week I posted some of my favorite things and I think it's going to be a regular thing. It really helped put a smile on my face last week and, well, who doesn't like that!

So this week:

  1. Summer Movies - I went and saw Maleficent last weekend and it's a great summer movie, meaning it was just deep enough to be enjoyable but light enough that you reflected on how it was a nice diversion from life for awhile.
  2. Happy Kitty - I'm blessed to have a cat that kind of acts like a dog, he's just the best and when he's happy, I'm happy.
  3. Stir Peanut Butter - I like knowing it doesn't have as many "bad" ingredients but still has all the deliciousness! Peanut butter is def in my top 3 favorite foods, maybe even top 2!
  4. Getting Stuff Done - This week I recalibrated and got a ton done at work and in life. Nothing like feeling productive!
  5. Riding On My Bike w/ Tom Ameen Music - Since I've started to be a bike commuter, this means if I need to leave work to mail something or grab a coffee, I bike the mile to the downtown area. While biking, I love listening to the Tom Ameen - Piano and Pixie Dust Album for some lovely, relaxing Disney music while I wind through the tree covered neighborhoods, it's a nice 15 min break.
Those are this week's happy thoughts!