This Week (5/5-5/11)

This has been a pretty productive week! I started a new job, got a ton of other running stuff done (blog, fundraiser, some twitter fun) and I feel like I'm starting to get my head back into the game after having "marathon" brain earlier this week.

  • Monday - Rest/Travel Day - This was my last day in Rhode Island so enjoyed some Margaritas with my friend before needing to head back to the airport. I was pooped after my marathon.
  • Tuesday - Rest Day - First day at work and did some light biking (I love having a bike, first day taking on the train was a success!)
  • Wednesday - 3.5 Miles - Easy miles to shake out my legs. Surprise, surprise they are still sore.
  • Thursday - Rest - Since Wednesday's run was a little rough, decided to rest but got some biking in
  • Friday - 2.75 Miles + 4.2 Miles - Yep, 2 runs because I had to test some new watch algorithms (Have I mentioned I have the coolest job?!)
  • Saturday - 7 Miles - Easy miles on a windy/chilly evening. Legs still not feeling 100%
  • Sunday - 12 Miles - Easy miles, legs are still a little tired. I decided to see what walking quickly felt like so did a 15 min/mi walk pace for .25 miles, it was interesting but I felt impatient.

Starting a new job is always a bit stressful but I'm very optimistic about this new role! I just have to adjust my head and get into the game. Excited to take some initiative and jump in with both feet next week!