This Week (5/12-5/18)

What a week! Work was super busy and I was in my feet constantly for 3 days which was great but my calves are feeling it. My schedule dictated my runs a bit this week, between being exhausted and having to do some testing, I was on Bia time!

This week:

  • Monday: Rest Day - was on my feet all day at work coordinating the packing effort.
  • Tuesday: 3+2.4+2.2 - this was a day full of tear runs to triple check the new updates for the watches!
  • Wednesday: Rest Day - woke up with allergies or the start of a cold so didn't go for a run but was on my feet all day again at work.
  • Thursday: Rest Day - still exhausted, woke up and my calves and feet felt like I had run a marathon the day before thanks to all the walking around at work!
  • Friday: 5 easy miles - still teetering on a cold but since it hadn't snowballed yet figured a run might make me feel a bit better! It did!
  • Saturday: 3 miles - Ran to the track, did 2 3:25 800's and ran home. How do other 20 year olds work off the effects of Friday night fun? I also spent the day hanging out with friends and checking out Alcatraz!
  • Sunday: 12 miles - I really wasn't feeling it all day. I think I was dehydrated and tired. But then around 4 I finally got in my run! I also got to finish my week with #runchat on twitter which is probably my favorite thing I do each Sunday. Great people and very motivating!

Total Mileage: 27.6

It wasn't a perfect week but I got in my running and still allowed life to happen and that's what it's all about folks!