This Week (4/28-5/4)

This week has been awesome! I found a new roommate, I got a new job, my cat is nearly 100% recovered from being sick, and in general I just feel like I've got things together, for now. It's a great feeling after weeks of uncertainty and general laziness.

  • Monday - Rest Day - Biked for 1 1/2 hours and it was awesome even though my hands got really sunburned.
  • Tuesday - 3.5 Miles - Easy miles at a nice pace, feeling good!
  • Wednesday - 4.5 Miles - This was a errand run, mail dropped off and check deposited and then ended at the library to print out some paperwork
  • Thursday - 2.7 Miles - Wasn't really planning to run but decided to log some miles.
  • Friday - Travel/Rest day - on my way to Providence!
  • Saturday - Rest/Friends/Explore day in Rhode Island!
  • Sunday - Race Day! New marathon PR of 3:44:56 achieved!
Look for my full race report soon! Hope you all had a good week!