Week in Review (3/17-3/23)

Hello All!

So I've decided to start sharing with you all how I train. Sometimes it's a bit sporadic, but I'm pretty consistent... well you'll see!

In general I follow a Hal Higdon like plan (he has a bunch of free plans here: http://www.halhigdon.com/ ). I modify the Intermediate II program, running more than 5 days a week leaves me exhausted so I like this plan best!

Mar 17-23

Monday: Rest Day - Did some light cross training (squats, jumping jacks, abs, and dips)
Tuesday: 5 Miles and a plank
Wednesday: 4 Miles
Thursday: 6 Miles and a plank
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 6 Miles
Sunday: 13.75 - meant to only do 12 but underestimated my route :)

Weekly Run Total - 34.75

Hope you all have a  great week! This is going to be a long one, as I ramp again for my marathon training.