Weather to Run of Not? (Rain Edition)

Hello all,

This month I kick-off a new month and with that a new theme for my Wednesday blog posts. This month? Weather! Well not a scientific exploration of weather (you can find some info herethough) but rather how to deal with it while running.

So for my first topic (and the current bane of my running existence) rain.

I'm still working out how to run in this one but here are my tips.

How hard is it raining?

If it's a light drizzle (like my run on Sunday) it's not great but it's possible to log many miles in this type of weather. Wear a long sleeve shirt (or rain slicker if you have one), you will definitely want sleeves as your shirts gets wet and chills you. I normally wear shorts and ProCompression socks when it's a little chilly but you can do the opposite and wear some capris, I just like keeping my calves toasty in 60 degree weather. If it's raining hard, you are going to have trouble with your shoes getting flooded and visibility being low for both you and drivers, so be careful! You will also want a rain jacket of some sort since you could catch a cold running out in the elements. If you have 2 pairs of running shoes and can make a pitstop at your house mid-run this might be a good idea if it's raining hard.

Also, a hat/visor is a must! It'll help you see better and keep some of the rain out of your eyes. (This is my go to gear in all weather though, you'll see)

Do you run on roads?

If you do, try to avoid streets with lots of cars. Not only is visibility low when it's raining, but cars will splash through those puddles on the side of the road. These splashes will them get on you. Not fun.

If you run trails, avoid any that you know get particularly slick when it's raining. No need to be an action hero fighting the elements through the woods. I'd rather avoid injury thank you.


Should be appropriate to the temperature/distance. You can't skimp on water because it's raining. Our skin doesn't absorb water like that.

Should you check the weather right before running?

Probably, it'll be easier for you to gauge your gear if you see a storm system moving towards you. If you see lightning - stay indoors. It's not worth it.

These are my thoughts on rain running, what are yours?