March Magic!

So rarely in life do I get excited for things like this. Okay, that's a lie, I'm pretty easily excitable but this is so cool!

Oh My Disney announced yesterday the March magic tournament! It matches up your favorite WDW and DLR experiences and then on the Walt Disney World and Disneyland fan pages fans will vote in each round to move their team forward. Voting starts 3/18!!

This reminds me a lot of the WDW Today podcast, they did a very similar thing last year with a focus on just the WDW attractions. It was super fun! Check out the podcasts from last year's tournament here: Epsode 1008 Episode 1009 Episode 1014 Episode 1017

Check out all the fun here: Selection Sunday: See All 32 March Magic Teams

Also, they came up with these awesome team logos! Here are some of my favorites but you can check them all out at the link above.

You are not the first to pass this way, nor with you be the last... to be crushed!!!
One little spark of perspiration, is at the heart of all domination!
Fin, noggin', duuude... just keep winning!
There's no escaping now!

The wildest team in the wilderness!

Their tricks will keep you spinning!

I don't think your ready, for this yeti!

Dead men tell no tales.
You're going down!

They'll trade two of their shots for one of yours.

Which team do you think will take it all?!