All Natural Electrolyte Mix - Ignite Naturals

Hi all,

About a week ago, I was contacted to see if I wanted to receive a free sample of an Ignite Naturals drink mix called INRefresh. While they didn't specifically ask for a review, I thought I was the least I could do!

First some details about the product:

"Your daily healthy drink filled with the riches of tropical and desert plants. Each serving of IN Refresh provides your body with natural fast-absorbing hydration properties from plants while retaining their full nutritional benefits."

This product is 100% plant based, vegan, Non GMO and gluten free! Sounds good to me!

I got three flavors to try, blueberry, dragonfruit lemon lime, and tangerine passion fruit. They sound delicious, right?

Before heading out for my run I mixed up a glass to get a feel for what it was like. Some dragonfruit lemon lime down the hatch!

It felt like any other electrolyte drink on the market, but it was nice to know that it was all natural and not chemical based. It wasn't gritty and it did have that saline feel to it on my tongue from the electrolytes, so you know they are in there.

What I loved most is that it came in these nice little pouches so it fit nicely in the hand pocket on my amphipod! I usually just take water with me on long runs but it was nice to mix it up a bit (get it mix, and it's a drink mix... your welcome... haha)

I started off with just water and I drank enough out of my water bottle to leave 8-12 oz which I then added the mix to my water, this time tangerine passion fruit. It was nice to take with me and the taste was delicious, the dragonfruit flavor tasted a little funny to me but the tangerine was DELICIOUS!

It didn't upset my stomach and kept me strong through the last 5 miles of my 9 miler. Since I carry my water bottle in my hand, it did foam at the top because of the agitation from being constantly shaken but it didn't bug me. Next to taste test the blueberry!

Thanks again to Ignite Naturals for the free sample and the water bottle!

Check out their full like of products:

Update: The blueberry is delicious too!