What Am I Listening To? (Best Of My Music Playlist)

So we've gone through what I listen to on my training runs (mostly podcasts) but on race day or those not-quite-as-motivated days I like to choose some songs to pump me up!

As mentioned in my marathon blog, I do enjoy dance/sassy/gesture running to my songs so many are dance songs.

My List:

  1. Heart It Races - Architecture in Helsinki - This is good for those early miles in a race when you don't want to go all out but need something that will keep you moving forward
  2. Like a G6 - Far East Movement - This is just a great beat and a great song. It's easy to get wrapped up in it's fun and do some dance running and then... BOOM! Four minutes passed like butta'.
  3. Girl Talk - Really, any of their songs are great for running. Most have fast tempos and mix familiar songs in an impressive way.
  4. Girls on the Dance Floor - Far East Movement - Another great dance song. The lyrics are not family friendly though, you've been warned.
  5. Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel - This is a great upbeat song. Fun to sing along to either out loud or in your head.
  6. I've Got the Magic - Mike Posner - This was played at my first marathon in WDW on repeat while we waited in the corrals and I love that it's a great song and also brings me back to that moment.
  7. All Dressed Up In Love - Jennifer Hudson - This is a GREAT diva song and perfect for run dancing/sassy running.
  8. Smile Upon Me - Passion Pit - This in another band that has multiple tracks on my playlist, but this song is perfect when you need a pick me up during your run!
  9. Die Young - Ke$ha - This is a great dance track and sure to give you jolt while running!
  10. I Am Mine - Brook Waggoner - I put this song as either the first or second track because it's just one of those happy songs. It keeps my pace in check as I set out on a 13.1 or 26.2 mile journey.
Next week's post will outline my favorite Disney running song!

What are you listening to?