Post Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Post Tinker Bell Half Marathon

So Katherine, you’ve just finished the Tinker Bell Half marathon, what are you going to do next? I’m going to Disneyland!

After showering, eating, and resting my eyes (not full on napping but definitely vegging while watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’) I pulled myself together for some fun at the parks. I headed over knowing my friend was on her way and a co-worker and his family were at the park. On the way over I snapped this pic!

First stop, Carsland!

I hopped into the single rider line and waiting about 20 minutes. Not bad. A quick spin and it was time to meet up with my co-worker. We met up for lunch with his family (including 2 cute kids), my friend then met up with us and we headed over to A Bug’s Land for some pint sized fun.

I had never been on most of these rides, but they are very cute and very fun. While yes, they are just “carnival rides” they work here and are quite fun. After riding a few it was time to part ways so my friend and I could have some fun!

There is something that I have never done at Disneyland that is a park staple and I was going to take part in the legacy today! I was going to have my first Disneyland corn dog! It was delicious!

We then bopped around, it was very crowded, so we tried to figure out where to go. We rode some of the Fantasyland rides and Buzz Lightyear and some other easy classics. We then headed back over to DCA for dinner and to watch World of Color and do a few other rides, including one of my favorites the Monster’s Inc Ride!

Since we didn’t get fastpasses for World of Color, we got some beer and parked ourselves to wait for the show. I really don’t mind being a bit further back for the show. You can really see everything well if you are further back and you don’t run the risk of getting mist.

After that we parted ways. I had a FP to use on Space Mountain so I scurried over to Tomorrowland and rode Buzz again and then finally a ride on Space Mountain. What a great day!

I then made the long chilly walk back to my hotel and finally got a good night’s sleep. In the morning I just packed up and drove back north ready to get back to normal after 2 weeks of Disney fun! Thanks for all the memories!