26 Days Until Dopey!

26 Days Until Dopey!

I'm getting so excited! So much came out this week in terms of information!

RunDisney.com released waivers and authorization forms, corral placements, runner tracking sign up, and official course maps. Needless to say I've been a little distracted absorbing all the information. Yey!

Maps and Corrals:

Waivers: HERE!
Tracking Sign Up: HERE!

So much fun to be had! I was a little anxious when my Dopey number placed me corral G but then I realized the corrals go up to P! That's right folks 16 corrals! Craziness!

Excited to get final race instructions so I can really start obsessing and planning. Also, this makes me realize I need to start really working on my costumes!

So who's ready to tackle these magical miles? I know I am. This weekend is a "step back" week and then next weekend is the final dress rehearsal for Dopey. 4 days running in a row of 3, 6, 10, and 20 miles. Wish me luck!

Inspiring quote for today!

Let's do this!