Happy Birthday Big Thunder!

Hello Runners!

So I would like to start by saying congratulations to everyone that ran in the Disneyland Half Marathon today!  Very exciting!  I can't wait to run it next year and get my Coast to Coast medal!  Seeing all the pictures and posts got me really excited for my next RunDisney event.  Tower of Terror 10 miler here I come!

I'm gearing up for a my first 10k tomorrow.  I'm not running it to race it but more to become more a part of the community and get a nice run in.  I went on a run today that really took it out of me.  My legs haven't hurt this bad since I ran my first marathon and I only ran 15 miles... augh.  Here's to hoping some rest, some foam roller, and some stretching will make them feel better for tomorrow.  I'm starting to get to that place in my marathon training where the long runs are getting really long and the end is still a long ways off.  It's just the running dull-drums.  I'll just keep swimming!

So, I would also like to take a moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to my favorite attraction!  It's the wildest ride in the wilderness and it was my first coaster, Big Thunder Mountrain Railroad!

I love this ride.  It has great theming, just the right amount of fun, and all the things I like in a ride. The twists and turns careen you through Big Thunder Mesa, through the sleeping town of Tumbleweed, and watch out for Lytum and Hyde's explosives!

If you want to ride it in WDW great, ever want to ride the same track just mirrored? Just hop on over to Disneyland! So to Disneyland's BTMRR - Happy 33rd Birthday!