To Barefoot or Not to Barefoot?

So recently, a co-worker of mine has gotten into running and we went to get him a pair of good running shoes and of course my internal barefoot running debate started.  These are the root of the beginning of my debate...

These look awesome!  I love aqua/teal colors and they look comfortable.  I then started reading more articles on it... again.  I do this every so often.  One school of thought says it makes you run the way we are suppose to run.  However, the other side says it can lead to more injuries.  Most injuries seemed to be the result of people running to far and too fast in a way their body isn't used to.  That makes sense to me.  Here are my pros and cons:

-Lighter shoes=easier run
-I might be okay wearing shoes like these since I usually where Keds and flats with not a lot of support
-I tend to run with a midfoot strike so I might be okay wearing these
-They look great! (I know this shouldn't really be a pro, but I love fun colors!)

-Risk of injury
-Tend to be expensive
-I tend to have very tight calves and this might aggravate them

So maybe next time I'm getting new shoes, I'll try them just to see what they are like. What are your thoughts?