Feel Like You're Running In Circles?

Hello Runners!

So another week has come and gone.  Where has the time been going? Life has been moving at full speed and I'm now on week 3 of my marathon training!

Since I've started running distance I stick to Hal Higdon's half-marathon and marathon plans.  They are simple and straight forward and I can tweak them to fit into busy weeks.  I highly recommend them for anyone just looking for a guideline that they can follow.  This week was a stressful week at work so I took the opportunity to de-stress by taking it out on the track.  Let's do some speed work!

I decided to try Yasso 800's!  Usually when I do speed work I do ladders because I learned these during the one time I did track... in middle school.  However, lately I've been reading a lot about Yasso 800's so I thought I'd try them out.  I had read the good, bad, and ugly about this work out but honestly I just thought it sounded like just the right challenge for me.  800m is one of my favorite distances when doing speed work, just long enough to make you tired but not so long that you get dizzy from running in circles.

I did 5 800's at a 3:45 pace and jogged in between.  It was a good work out and I'm excited to add more 800's in as the weeks continue.  It also got me excited because I think I can pick up the pace a bit next week.  It had been awhile since I did speed work so this was a test for me to see where I was at.

For those that log miles, try a track work out!  It's awesome and it's great to do during the summer months while school is out and the high school tracks are usually open to the community depending on the area you live in.

What's your favorite track or speed work out?

Check out this article on Yasso 800's http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html